Monday, December 15, 2008

Three Months Old

Wow! I cannot believe my little baby will be FOUR months old in a matter of days. Wanted to get this posted before it was too late! The transformation from two months to now has really been amazing. Our colic days have come to an end...YAY!!! She is dying to sit up and is happy as long as she can see the action. She gives us lots of smiles and has even started to cackle in the past few days. We started rice cereal and she LOVES it. She is sleeping for eight and nine hours at a time, which I am loving! We have had a lot of fun things going on lately and parenthood has become our new "normal". Things have been super busy and I have lots to post, but as usual I only have a few free minutes right now. The Thanksgiving holidays were wonderful and we had the chance to fly to South Carolina to visit Jermey's brother, sister-in-law and our precious nephew. I have lots of pictures and will try to get them up soon. I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas, it is right around the corner!!!
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Tate Family said...

Don't you love the Bumbo?! I love that face she is making. LOL!!